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October’s mammoth CITA has broken the 250 page barrier.  My grateful thanks to everyone who supplied copy.


After some 50 issues, changes are afoot.  I have dispensed with the usual end section that lists the contents of all past CITA issues.  This will free-up a growing number of pages for features and reviews etc.  All back-issue details can still be found on the SIIYE website


   Also, in an effort to resolve the thorny question of the ‘bonus overspill section’ you will notice a 2-page Contents listing that now links to all features.  This should help dispel the confusion experienced by some as to exactly what’s where!  With thanks to Dave Griffin for doing the technical whizzy bits.


2018 CITA schedule:

Oct    #52 – special themed issue

Contributions to CITA are actively encouraged.  Please send all copy to