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This Summer promises not be the normal washout, where you can’t see beyond the mist from your caravan window and a trip to the seaside means pitting your family against the elements with nothing but a rickety windbreak and a few Tupperware lids for protection.  For some reason, many of us tend to think of August as a time of long, lazy, hot days, and so we feel cheated when it doesn’t deliver.  Perhaps nostalgia is to blame.  Many of us are convinced that our childhood summers were filled with long runs of hot, dry days.  So, take solace from the fact that there’s lots of CITA sunshine reading activity during the next two months with the publication of our celebratory CITA#50 in July and “LPs that broke the mould” CITA#51 special themed issue in August.

2018 CITA schedule:

Jul     #50 – quarterly magazine
Aug    #51 – special themed issue
Oct    #52 – special themed issue

Contributions to CITA are actively encouraged.  Please send all copy to